Physical Facilities and Equipments

Physical Facilities

Assa’adah Medical Centre is located in two ways street, Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 58, Jakarta 12820, with more than 10 meters road width, easily accessible by public transports, standing on land of 500 meter square meters, two-stories building and furnished with sufficient parking area.

The computer system of Assa’adah Medical Centre is a Local Area Network along with specific purpose software – Assa’adah Information Medical System (AIMS). This application system is equipped with capability to capture photo by digital camera and record examinee’s fingerprint at registration. Photo and biometric identification procedures act as a deterrent to fraud.

Assa’adah Medical Centre provides free Wi-Fi. While in waiting for examination, the examinee can use their personal computer or smart-phone to access the internet via our wireless network hotspot


Assa’adah Medical Centre is fully equipped with modern state of the art equipments, such as Hematology - Serology - Biochemistry Laboratories, X-ray Facility, Ultrasonography, Electrocardiography, Audiometry and Spirometry. All machines are in good order and maintained; always calibrated for precision and accuracy prior to use.

NoAssessmentsMain Equipments
1HematologyMindray BC 3000 Plus Full Automatic Hematology Analyzer
2Immunologya. Biomerieux DaVinci Quatro Full Automatic ELISA Analyzer
b. Biomerieux Semi-Automatic ELISA Analyzer
c. Sumifin Semi-Automatic ELISA Analyzer
3Clinical Chemistrya. Siemens 560 Express Plus Full Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyzer
b. Respons 910 (Diasys) Full Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
c. NycoCard Reader (HbA1c & CRP)
4Radiographya. Acoma DR 100 Chest Digital Radiography
b. Acoma Stationary X-Ray HI 300
c. Beijing Wan Dong 200 mA X-Ray
5USGEcoson E 2000 LC USG
6ECGCardiocare 12-lead ECG
7AudiometryInteracustic Diagnostic Audiometer
8SpirometryMaestros DTSpiro
9TreadmillMaestros StressLine Cardio Track 900 XL