Assa’adah Medical Centre is a full service medical clinic, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certified by Bureau Veritas, for conducting PEME (Pre-Employment Medical Examination) and PME (Periodic Medical Examination) in Jakarta – Indonesia. We have been engaged in this business since 1987. Hence, we know our business well, and we are devoted to it. A great deal of professional experiences in PEME and PME through over comprehensive analysis and decision acumen form a part of our features that distinguish us from the novice.

Besides registered in Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Republic Indonesia, Assa’adah Medical Centre is having operating licenses from:
1. Jakarta Municipal Health Office.
2. Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia.
3. Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration Republic of Indonesia.
4. Ministry of Transport Republic of Indonesia.

Assa’adah Medical Centre has been rewarded by many accreditations and approvals:
1. Health Ministers Council for GCC States (Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait) as one of GAMCA (GCC Approved Medical Centres’ Association) clinics in Indonesia.
2. Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
3. Ministry of Health, Brunei Darussalam.
4. Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan).
5. The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate, Ministry of Infrastructure   and the Environment, Kingdom of the Netherlands.
6. The United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association as one of OGUK /UKOOA clinics in Indonesia.

Assa’adah Medical Centre is also known as a MLC 2006 Compliant Maritime Clinic. Seafarer medical examination and certification system at Assaaadah Medical Centrec meets the requirements of the STCW 1978 as amended Section A-I/9, and MLC 2006 Regulation 1.2, in terms of:
1. The qualification of medical practitioners. We have been awarded:
   a. Letter of recommendation from the Indonesian Seafarers’ Union.
   b. Appointed as Seafarer Physicians by The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate, Ministry of Infrastructure   and the Environment, Kingdom of the Netherlands (Dr. Rudy Kastono & Dr. Vidya Sari).
   c. Authorized as Petroleum Doctors from County Governor of Rogaland, on behalf Norwegian Directorate of Health, Kingdom of Norway (Dr. Rudy Kastono & Dr. Vidya Sari).
   d. Registered Oil & Gas UK Specified Examining Doctor by the United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association - OGUK /UKOOA (Dr. Vidya Sari).
   e. Certificate of Competency for Seafarer Health Examiner from Association of Indonesian Sea Medicine Professional Doctor (Dr. Rudy Kastono)
   f. Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Standard for Seafarer from Director General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transport, Republic Indonesia
2. The checking of the seafarer’s ID. In accordance to counteract against fraudulent actions, we always confirm identity of seafarer with his/her ID card or Passport or Seaman Book. We also take the seafarer’s finger-print at registration, and then confirm that his/her finger-print is well-matched when he/she enter for physical examination – laboratory – radiology.
3. The scope of the examination. Besides tests for infectious diseases and physical abilities, we always check the seafarer’s visual acuity, colour vision, visual field and hearing power to the medical examination.
4. The validity of certificates. Our medical certificate will remain in force for a maximum period of two years from the date on which it is granted; unless the seafarer is under the age of 18, in which case the maximum period of validity is one year.